Database Systems Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Ankur Sharma, Immanuel Leonard Haffner


Evaluation of Milestone 1

Written: 26.11.2018 11:38 Written By: Immanuel Haffner

Dear students,

the deadline for Milestone 1 has come and we evaluated your current state of the project. Below you find a table with the points you achieved in milestone 1. You can achieve up to 10 points per milestone and an additional 10 points in the performance evaluation; this makes a total of 40 points. For milestone 1, we split points 50/50 between unit tests and integration tests.

38, 10.0
ADBMSC, 10.0
BobbyTables, 10.0
ERNSTL, 10.0
first, 10.0
indexers, 7.5
LoRaWAN, 5.0
MangoDB, 10.0
MarioKart, 10.0
MIT, 10.0
no_disk_no_fun, 10.0
ref, 10.0
TiTiSe, 5.0
WannaIXIUs, 10.0

Teams that are not listed did not achieve any points (= 0 points). In the forums I will explain how you can check which commit we evaluated for grading.




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