Database Systems Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Ankur Sharma, Immanuel Leonard Haffner


Evaluation of Milestone 3

Written: 28.01.2019 09:16 Written By: Immanuel Haffner

Dear students,

below you find the grades for Milestone 3. The grading scheme is similar to that of previous milestones.

team, milestone3
ADBMSC, 10.0
BobbyTables, 10.0
ERNSTL, 10.0
first, 10.0
indexers, 10.0
LoRaWAN,  7.5
MangoDB, 8.0
MarioKart, 10.0
no_disk_no_fun, 8.0
WannaIXIUs, 10.0

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