Current Research in Big Data Analytics Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Immanuel Leonard Haffner


Paper and peer group assignment

Written: 02.05.2018 09:41 Written By: Ankur Sharma


I have finished completing the allotment of the papers and peer groups. You can find the papers assigned to you under "List of Papers" section on the course page (CMS). In case you want to change your choice, please inform me by the end of this week. We have also created two peer groups. You are supposed to read the papers of your peer and give feedback to your peer student once they upload a summary and slides. We also encourage that peer group discusses the papers, as this has proved to improve the quality of your research talk substantially. Please feel free to contact your mentor if you have any doubts about the papers. Please do not expect your mentors to explain the papers fully. They are only there to clarify your doubts and elaborate on some minor technical details of the paper.

Best regards,

Ankur Sharma

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